The Whitneys

The Whitneys

Joe and Annabell have been singing for over 17 years together. They harmonise perfectly with one another and have just one goal when they are on the stage: to inspire and sweep the audience off of its feet. Their shows are full of energy, dynamic and powerful voices. Through their stage presence they actively draw the audience in until everyone in every corner has been reached and pulled into the show.

The Whitneys make appearances all over Europe in half-playback show or together with the bands/show acts like The StreetLIVE Family, Cocktail Divas, StreetWalkers or Giants Club. If they currently aren't on stage, you can find them spending time with their young son or working together in there own artist agency All Entertainment.

Annabell: "I grew up in a not so musical doctor family. As a child I sang quite often, much to the dismay of my parents. Therefor it wasn't long before my musical talent, was discovered – with my first solo performance being at the very young age of seven. Although I already had many vocal performances behind me, I still wanted to study something respectable. It was my law studies that brought me to Frankfurt where I met Joe, who was to become my vocal coach. It was then clear to me that my future wasn't behind dusty books, but rather in my music.

In 1999 I was able to celebrate my first chart success as the front singer of Masterboy. My self written song "Let it Shine" – which I released under my stage name Annabell Kay – was used for radio and tv advertisements and played many times daily on radio stations throughout Germany.

Some of my best memories will always be those of my performances with stars such as Michael Jackson, Shaggy, Chaka Khan, Toto, Huey Lewis, En Vogue, the Weather Girls, Roger Hogson (Supertramp), Leo Sayer, Toto, Gloria Gaynor and many more."

Joe: I grew up as one of four kids in a musically talented family in Seattle, USA. In my younger years I was already performing with my brothers and sisters all across the America. About 20 years ago I came to Germany, where I played in the first league of Basketball. Professional sport and music have always been my passion.

It didn't take long to get my foot in the door of the music scene in Germany and not only sing with various bands, but also start my own band. I was already working with such stars as Lionel Richie, Joe Cocker, Xavier Naidoo, Jule Neigel, Jennifer Rush, Shaggy, Chaka Khan, Toto and the Weather Girls. Today all of the many performances are important to me and something special to remember."